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Notifier systems, extinguishers & more

For over 50 years, Desjardins securite du batiment has been a leader in building security in Montreal.  Whether you have a residential or industrial building or a business, we offer quality installation of security systems & devices such as, fire alarmssprinklerssurveillance camerasintrusion alarms, fire extinguishers & more.

When retaining our services, our clients can expect first-rate customer service & technicians who are exceptionally proficient in their respective fields.  We provide flawless installations of fire alarm systems & any other security needs your building or business may require.  In the event of any equipment failures or other emergencies, you can rest assured that our team is available 24 hours a day & 7 days per week.

We take great pride in having been entrusted to provide services to our many satisfied clients from a diverse range of sectors in the Montreal area such as; medical clinics, schools, condo & apartment buildings, parking lots, supermarkets, business offices, entertainment venues & many others. 


Fire alarm system inspections, upgrading & maintenance services

At Desjardins securite du batiment we know that quality security systems require regular maintenance to insure that equipment is functioning correctly for its intended use.  We also know the importance of inspecting & upgrading systems & equipment to insure that your system is compliant with applicable standards & city bi-laws.  With these points in mind, in addition to installing state-of-the-art security systems, we also offer routine inspections & maintenance as well as system upgrading. We will travel to perform inspections or maintenance work regardless of your location or the size of your facilities.

Call upon our professional team of experts who cares about your security & the safety of the occupants of your building or business.