Access Card

Access Card

A Secure Solution for Access Control

Today, security is a major concern for businesses and individuals. It is essential to find effective solutions to control access to commercial and industrial buildings, as well as residential buildings. Access cards are one of these solutions, offering enhanced security while being easy to use.


Advantages of Access Cards

Access cards are an excellent way to increase security in business or residential sectors. They allow control of access to buildings and different areas, while providing traceability of entries and exits. Access control systems using secure cards are at the forefront of technology and ensure optimal access control.


Different Access Control Options

There are several options for access control using secure cards, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Access Card

Access cards are the most common form of access control. They are easy to use and can be customized for each user. The cards can be programmed to allow access to certain areas and at certain times, thus providing enhanced security.

  • Key Fob

Key fobs are a convenient alternative to access cards. They are smaller and easier to carry but offer the same access control features.

  • Remote Control

Remote controls are a convenient option for buildings equipped with barriers or automated gates. They allow opening and closing access remotely, while providing enhanced security.


Access Control Systems

Access control systems can be computer-controlled or not. Computer-controlled systems offer enhanced security and increased traceability, while standalone systems are simpler to install and use.


Installation of Access Control Systems

Desjardins Sécurité du Bâtiment offers installation services for access control systems using secure cards, key fobs, or remote controls. We provide professional and innovative solutions to enhance security and control access to commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. Our systems are at the forefront of technology and guarantee optimal access control. We have extensive experience in installing access control systems, to the great satisfaction of our customers. We are committed to providing exceptional service to our clients, from design to installation and maintenance.


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Access cards are an effective solution to enhance the security of commercial and industrial buildings, as well as residential buildings. The different access control options and access control systems offer increased flexibility to meet the needs of each business and individual. Contact a Desjardins Sécurité du Bâtiment expert for more information on access cards and other high-performance control systems.


Other Security Services

In addition to access control systems, Desjardins Sécurité du Bâtiment also offers installation services for wired and wireless video surveillance cameras, both inside and outside. These cameras allow monitoring of entries and exits, as well as sensitive areas, thus providing enhanced security and peace of mind.

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